Past Participants of our Permaculture Design Certificate Courses

We all have a role to play, different set of skills, different set of contacts and different cultures which we operate in. We need to promote, adopt, and implement Permaculture wherever and whenever we can to the best of our capacity.

Murujan Permaculture Design has helped 50 people so far to receive the Permaculture Design Certificate. Below are some profiles of individuals who received their Permaculture Design Certificate and snapshot of their unfolding contribution to this amazing process of diffusion of Permaculture Design to all parts of the globe.

Li Jin Chan, who has a functional edible jungle in her suburban back yard ( and front yard) regularly engages with her neighbors informing them of Permaculture and occasionally does some guerrilla gardening around her neighborhood.

Murujan Permaculture Subur Li Jin Chan Giovanni Galluzzo

Aini Zakaria, who is retired from the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and was formerly Senior Research Officer specially focused on organic farming has been an advocate for alternative agriculture for many years. Once she discovered Permaculture she was an immediate proponent.

Aini Zakaria Murujan Permaculture Design Giovanni Galluzzo

Together, Li Jin and  Aini have started an initiative called Subur Community Gardens advising and assisting people to establish and develop community gardens around the greater Kuala Lumpur area.

Subur Community Gardens Murujan Permaculture Design Giovanni Galluzzo

Shaqat Kakar has established Pakistan Permaculture Designs in order to provide training and consultation services in Permaculture Design to communities in Pakistan. To date, he estimates that over 10,000 trees have been planted by communities he has trained to reforest parts of Pakistan.

Shafqat Pakistan Permaculture Design Murujan Giovanni Galluzzo

Shafqat Pakistan Permaculture Designs Murujan Giovanni Galluzzo

Nik Amirul Faiz, an architect by training, intends to use Permaculture design in his current and future projects for clients. He is co-founder of a firm of architects named Studio4. He is already incorporating Permaculture Design on a large project on the east coast of Malaysia. He was part of a team that received special mention from d3 Housing Tomorrow, a competition for architects. The team submitted an entry detailing creative ways to utilize “wasted” urban spaces under bridges or overpasses in Kuala Lumpur.

Nik Amirul Faiz Murujan Giovanni Galluzzo

Ibraheem Naqeeb

After taking his PDC with Murujan, Ibraheem went for the ten week internship at Zaytuna farm and also volunteered at David Holmgren’s place for a month. He absorbed the full spectrum of Permaculture while he was in Australia and then went to Bangladesh to start a project and did some teaching. He has authored a couple of articles for PRI and plans to write more. He is currently pursuing a degree in Islamic Studies in California and is teaching Introduction to Permaculture to some of his fellow students.

Ibraheem Naqeeb Murujan Permaculture Design Giovanni Galluzzo

Ibraheem Naqeeb Murujan Permaculture Design Giovanni Galluzzo

Hajji Awaluddin is passionate about Permaculture and living an appropriate lifestyle. Even before he joined our PDC he already read most of The Designer’s Manual and implemented a great deal on his land. His jolly and pleasant demeanor really help when he tells others of Permaculture Design and its potential for helping people to design a better lifestyle. Here he is experimenting with growing SRI rice in poly-bags at his suburban home.

Murujan Hj Awaluddin Giovanni Galluzzo

These are just a few examples of the efforts that are taking place and what is really grounds for hope is that there is so much Permaculture activity taking place out there that it is impossible to keep track of.

Join us for our upcoming Permaculture Design Certificate in February 2015 in Malaysia and help pave the way to a design-intensive future:

Murujan Permaculture Design Certificate February 2015 Malaysia

2 responses to “Past Participants of our Permaculture Design Certificate Courses

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  2. اسلام علیکم
    Indeed it was great opportunity for me to get PDC from Murujan and pioneered it in Pakistan. Alhamd u lillah we have one practical organic farm at Islamabad level and huge demand from community farmers to replicate Permaculture ideas at their farms. Beside this I am also integrating PC ideas in our food security projects that we are implementing in flood and drought affected area of Pakistan. We are promoting organic kitchen gardening with compost, bio-pits, bio fermenters, bio-gas etc. along with promoting High efficient irrigation systems for irrigation water conservation. At our Islamabad farm, we are totally harvesting rain water and are using to irrigate vegetables, plants, trees throughout the year with Zero energy cost.
    Very soon Insha Allah we will be organizing PDC in Pakistan.

    Thanks a lot Brother Gio for spreading seeds of noble cause.
    Jazaka ALLAH Khair

    Shafqat Ullah
    Pakistan Permaculture
    Islamabad Pakistan

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