Murujan Tours at Chalin Food Forest in Jelebu Malaysia

geoff lawton malaysia chalin food forest

Come visit and experience the project first-hand starting in June 2017! The First Round will go through to the end of October 2017. Guests may choose which dates they would like to visit weekday or weekend. *However, the entire month of August 2017 will be unavailable for booking tours.

Daily Rate RM150

Week Package Rate: RM120 (Minimum 5 Days)

*Food Rations and Tent Accommodations as well as an amazing experience included! Spaces are provided for guests to set up tents. Guests are advised to bring their own tents but they may request a tent subject to availability. Please contact Chalin Food Forest in advance if you require a tent prepared for you.

Click below to book and choose your dates:

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murujan permaculture chalin singapore malaysia

The tours provide first hand and intimate observation of the site as well as explanation of the design work and processes that are happening on the ground as the project is being developed. Guests will be able to observe various features and activities as they are being implemented. Guests may even in some cases, partake in work on the site if they would like.

Guests will experience first hand a Permaculture site as it develops and be able to explore the various features and areas of the site which will potentially include:

1. Construction of a raw “pondok” building
2. Toilet, septic tank and reed bed setup
2. Goat+chicken deep bed house design
3. Ducks in the garden and padi
4. Mini earthworks for infra, garden and crops
5. Container house upgrade
6. Compost making and garden planting strategy

*Note that these features are planned for development and thus may or may not be in place at certain dates. Please see the rough schedule of when the various features are planned to be implemented. Those who book may contact us to see if more precise dates have been finalized.


Currently we have two package rates available at Chalin Food Forest:

Daily Package Rate which includes Food Rations(Guests cook themselves, tent accommodations). RM150 per day

Weekly Package Rate which includes Food Rations(Guests cook themselves, tent accommodations). Minimum of 5 days must be booked.  RM120 per day.

Click below to book and choose your dates:

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About the Site Owner:

geoff lawton ridhwan hanizan murujan


Wan Muhammad Ridhwan bin Wan Muhammad Hanizan was an intern at Zaytuna Farm under the tutelage of both Geoff and Nadia Lawton. He graduated as Chemical Engineer and spent 10 years in Oil and Gas production and operations with experiences in offshore engineering projects, financial budgeting, joint venture and people management before jumping full on into permaculture in 2014 after a PDC with PRI Co-Director, Rhamis Kent.

Whilst at Zaytuna Farm, he managed cattle, poultry, nursery, cropping and food forest systems setup, operations and maintenance. He also worked on irrigation, farm piping networks, mechanical works, earthworking and PDC co-teaching. He gained his International Project Management Certificate and valuable experience managing Zaytuna Farm and working together with Geoff Lawton on Consultancies, Designs and Implementation. He had the honour of learning from many others who are leading the way in their field, like Paul Taylor, Graham Bell and David Spicer.

Wan Muhammad Ridwan Muhammad Hanizan

Wan Muhammad Ridhwan

Ridhwan’s experience lies within the humid tropics and sub-tropic climate zones. Ridhwan is now working to establish Chalin Food Forest, where he lives with his family. He is also assisting in establishing a permaculture demonstration site in Vanuatu.

ridhwan hanizan zaytuna murujan malaysia

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