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Permaculture Design Course at Zaytuna College USA

Dates:  May 21, 2018 to June 1, 2018

Location: Zaytuna College Upper Campus 2770 Marin Avenue Berkeley, California 94708


Sidi Rhamis Kent, Co-director of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and USA

Download the Course Schedule Here


Residential $1,600
Non-Residential $1,250


Permaculture is a natural extension of the mission of Zaytuna College, which is to inculcate adab in the individual. Adab, as defined by Dr. Naquib al-Attas is “putting things in their proper place.” and Permaculture is the application of adab in the natural world.

murujan zaytuna pdc permaculture

Thus through the study of Permaculture we learn to organize our material environment. In the words of Dr. al-Attas, “When one puts trees and stones, mountains, rivers, valleys and lakes, animals and their habitat in their proper places, then that is adab toward nature and the environment.” Clearly, putting things in their proper place requires the recognition of an order or balance.

murujan zaytuna pdc permaculture

God tells us in Surah Rahman that He has created everything in balance, and commands us not to “upset the balance.” (55:9) Similarly, in Surah A’raf, we are commanded not to “cause corruption on earth after it has been set in order.” (7:56) Permaculture seeks to restore balance and order on earth in a manner that is consistent with a Qur’anic worldview and in conformity with our divinely mandated function as stewards of God on earth, khalifatul Allah fil ‘ard.

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Program Contact:
Muhammad McCabe at muhammadmccabe@zaytuna.edu


Residential $1,600
Non-Residential $1,250


General Orientation: May 20, Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

Class Schedule: Monday, May 21st to Friday, June 1st*
*No classes are scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays.

Download the course schedule here


permacultureRhamis Kent, serves as a co-director of the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), a member of Permaculture Sustainable Consulting Pty Ltd (PSC), and on the Supervisory Board of The Netherlands-registered non-profit Ecosystem Restoration Camps.

As of September 2017, he serves as founder & director of Agroecological Natural Technology Systems Ltd. – a Companies House (UK) registered business (#10962612).

Rhamis has taught Permaculture Design (formal Certification and short Intensive courses) in Palestine/Occupied West Bank, Greece, Ethiopia, Yemen, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Australia, and the United States (Michigan, California & Vermont). He has also performed additional consultancy work on projects in Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Somaliland, and Western Sahara.

Guest Speakers

permaculture californiaGeoff Lawton, Director of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and Zaytuna Farm will make a guest appearance via Livestream.

Geoff Lawton is a world-renowned permaculture consultant, designer, and teacher. He took his PDC in 1983 with Bill Mollison, widely considered the “father of permaculture. Geoff has specialized in permaculture education, design, implementation, system establishment, administration and community development since 1985. Working in over 50 countries, Geoff has taught more than 15,000 students, he established the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and Zaytuna Farm which is Geoff and Nadia’s family home. As an award-winning Permaculture Designer, Geoff’s main aim is to drive the establishment of self-replicating educational demonstration sites across the globe.

permaculture californiaDawood Yasin, Director Student Life, Zaytuna College.

At Dartmouth College, Dawood provided spiritual and religious support, offered educational seminars, and lead congregational prayers for Muslim students, and residents of the greater Hanover area. Dawood also worked to foster understanding and dialogue among diverse campus groups by building and maintaining interfaith relations. During his residence in South Africa, Dawood converted to Islam and then spent five years in Damascus studying Arabic, Islam, and spirituality. Upon completion of his studies, he relocated to New Haven CT where he served as Imam of Masjid Al-Islam. While in New Haven he also worked as a teaching assistant and engaged in research at Yale University. Dawood also served as Director of Outreach at the Zayed Center for Islamic Culture in the United Arab Emirates, engaging in public speaking within U.A.E. and abroad, emphasizing ethics and tolerance between Muslim and non-Muslim communities. Dawood spent five summers teaching the Arabic language at the Zaytuna Summer Arabic Intensive. Dawood has worked with colleagues to establish the “Learning Outside of the Classroom” program at Zaytuna College, which includes service learning trips and a revival of traditional athletics found in swimming, archery, and horseback riding.