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Is it possible for deserts to transform into forested green meadows and rivers?

BEFORE                                                                    AFTER

The word murujan (pronounced mur-‘oo-jun with emphasis on the second syllable) translates into English as  “[extensive] pasturage” or “meadows”

I have decided to start this blog named Murujan  to discuss and promote Permaculture to the Muslim community worldwide (If you are unfamiliar with the word Permaculture go here).

This is just a blog. However, I hope that it will cover some profound subjects and enrich and enhance the perspectives of readers, but mostly I hope it will enrich and enhance my own perspective. The main focus of the blog will be Permaculture.  I want to accomplish several goals with this blog. I would like to inform and educate the worldwide Muslim community about Permaculture. I will also argue that it is a means for us to return to a more wholesome and independent life. There will be debate and I welcome it. I also would hope to invite those who are interested in Permaculture and anyone else to learn more about Islam.

I believe that the Permaculture methodology is very useful for Muslims. It is a means to solve many of the problems we identify again and again but seem to do nothing about. I recently completed a Permaculture design course in Malaysia and received a Permaculture design certificate which permits me to consult and teach Permaculture design. The more I learn about Permaculture and its remarkable features, the more I want to spread the word. Some exciting developments that I learned of recently should be of interest to readers:

Jordan Valley Project

Al Bayda Project

jordan valley project

BEFORE                                                                           AFTER

(All pictures  are from  Permaculture Research Institute and used with permission. )

Please question and critique whatever I write and please correct any errors I may make. I ask all of you to assist me in trying to understand the current world events, because I will be the first to admit I really don’t know what is going on.  I hope to encourage discussion and awareness of these events, and also hope to talk about my own plans and goals.

But most importantly I would like to connect with people who are interested in what is now taking place in the world and share ideas on how we can perform noble deeds.