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Murujan Tours Taman Pertanian Sultan Ahmad Shah in Kuantan Malaysia

Come visit and experience the project first-hand starting in February 2017!

3-Day Package RM350

5-Day Package RM500

Food and accommodations as well as an amazing experience included!

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Experience the process of designing and implementing a large scale Permaculture projects in the depths of the wet tropics, a unique and exciting site and project that is sure to enrich all who visit it

Out tours provide first hand and intimate observation of the site as well as explanation of the design work and processes that are happening on the ground as the project is being developed. Participants will be able to observe various features and activities as they are being implemented. Participants may even in some cases, partake in work on the site if they would like.

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A dedicated  and knowledgeable guide will bring the participants around the site to explore the various features and areas of the site which include food forest systems, small animal systems, composting systems, swales and earthworks, and more.

Tour packages include overnight stay and meals. Currently we have two packages available at Taman Pertanian in Kuantan:

Tour Only which begins Monday morning and ends Wednesday Afternoon, an in-depth guided tour of the various features of the site. RM350

Week Package which begins Monday morning and ends Friday Afternoon. This package includes the guided tour and then continues with independent exploration of the site. Multiple week packages may be booked. RM500

We have available spaces in February and March 2017. Click to Book.

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See Tour Dates and Availability

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