Murujan Permaculture Volunteer Program Malaysia 2016

Murujan Permaculture Design is proud to be involved with a major new project headed by Geoff Lawton, in Kuantan, Malaysia.


 We are organizing  a resident volunteer program that will run in 2016  on location in Kuantan, Malaysia. Spaces are extremely limited. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this unique Permaculture project.

Murujan Permaculture Internship Application

This is your chance to be part of a unique project that is primed to be the pioneer large scale Permaculture project in the wet tropics, emphasizing rice production, food forestry, aquaculture and bamboo architecture and with so many other diverse elements there will be something for everyone.

taman pertanian murujan permaculture

Contribute your effort and time and learn at the same time. This one of a kind opportunity provides invaluable real world experience that will leave an impression.

taman pertanian murujan permaculture

Some details about the volunteer program:

We are looking for dedicated, passionate individuals who are serious about contributing and applying Permaculture Design on a large scale and long term project.

The minimum commitment is a duration of at least  1 month  but volunteers may elect to stay longer if they so desire and are approved by the  the site manager.

This is an unpaid volunteer program but volunteers will be provided with food and accommodations onsite. Travel arrangements to the site are the responsibility of the volunteer.

Hours of duty will vary, but typically volunteers will be responsible Monday through Friday 8 am until 5 pm throughout their rotation.

For more questions please email :


Project Manager for Taman Pertanian Kuntan Permaculture Project


Salah Hammad has been designated as the site manager for the Kuantan project for the duration of 2016 and will be working directly with the volunteers who join the project.

He spent 3 years as farm manager at Zaytuna farm in Australia from 2012 until 2015, he has taught PDCs in Australia, Jordan, Italy and Egypt. In addition to his experience at Zaytuna farm he has also been a part of the renowned Greening the Desert site in Jordan. With experience in dry arid, temperate, and subtropical and tropical climates, covering both urban, rural and broad acre setups, Salah is an experienced member of the Permaculture Consultants working with Geoff Lawton and an excellent mentor for those who work with him.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to put into practice the theories behind Permaculture Design and work with some of the world’s most experienced Permaculturalists.

Murujan Permaculture Internship Application

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