Resource Library

This page holds a collection of resources that are intended to assist one’s deeper understanding of Permaculture and its potential. Please do make suggestions as we will continuously update this page.

This list is not exhaustive and will never be as an untold amount of design and innovation is happening all over the world, but we hope it serves as a good starting point.


Bill Mollison Global Gardener Series Part 1 (Video 28:31)

Bill Mollison Global Gardener Series Part 2 (Video 28:26)

Bill Mollison Global Gardener Series Part 3 (Video 28:27)

Bill Mollison Global Gardener Series Part 4 (Video 28:32)

Bill Mollison- In Grave Danger of Falling Food (Video 51:55)

Backyard Permaculture (Video 1:12:54)

David Holmgren Interview (Video 25:28)

Willie Smits: How We Regrew a Rainforest (TED Talks Video 22:39)

Bill Mollison Interview (Video 45:52)


George Smoot: Design of the Universe (TED Talks Video 19:01)

Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in Action (TED Talks Video 20:15)

Janine Benyus: 12 Sustainable Design Ideas from Nature (TED Talks Video 23:59)


Arthur C. Clarke: Fractals, The Colors of Infinity (Video 53:45)

Climatic Factors

Global Weather (BBC Video 2:31)


Harvesting Rainwater (Web Site)

Rainwater Harvesting Basics Brad Lancaster (Video 9:27 Part 1 of 3)

Rainwater Harvesting Demo Brad Lancaster (Video 5:45)

Rivers and Streams in Saudi Arabia (Video 2:21)


Permaculture Soils DVD Trailer Geoff Lawton (Video 2:00)

Trees & Forestry

2000 Year Old Food Forest Morocco (Video 4:37)

7 Food Forests in 7 Minutes (Video 7:02)


Design with Nature CalEarth (Video 2:54)

Radical Nature: Sustainable Architecture (Video 3:52)

First Earth- Uncompromising Ecological Architecture (Video 9:23 Part 1of 12)

Garbage Warrior (Video 1:27:41)

Natural Building in Argentina (Video 29:39)

Straw Bale Home Construction (Video10:17)

The Architecture of Yemen (Video 21:30)

Food Production

Growing Power: A Model for Urban Agriculture (Video 3:03)

Polyface Farm (USA Today Video 4:02)

Permaculture Artisans Neighborhood Center (Video 17:54)

Where the Best Eggs are Made (Video 4:57)


Geoff Lawton Growing Fish on Algae (Video 3:36)

Aquaculture Synergy of Land and Water (Video 32:28)

Invisible Structures

Understanding Blockchain(Video 10:30)

Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 1(Video 25:55)

Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 2(Video 30:17)

Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 3(Video 36:01)

Lynedoch Eco Village (Video 5:00)

Ecovillage at Ithaca: Back to Basics (Video 9:11)

Local Currencies: Replacing Scarcity with Trust (Video 27:39)

Community Supported Agriculture (Video 5:31)

Starting a Community Garden (Video 4:45)

Appropriate Technology

Solar Energy Illustrated (Video 5:16)

Solar Panels (Video 3:30)

Organic Photovoltaics Lecture ( Purdue University Video 1:15:29)

Special Topics

Restoring the Amanah through Earth Restoration Work (Article Rhamis Kent)



Solar Cell Technology in 2009 and Beyond (Stanford University Video 1:03:42)

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  2. Radhiah Binte M Salleh

    Hi. When is your next permaculture design course? I would love to join

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