Permaculture Design Certificate Course Malaysia March 2018

Please read on for more information on the upcoming Permaculture Design Certificate Course to be held in  Malaysia in March, 2018. :

Permaculture Design Certificate Course Malaysia March 2018

Dates: 18th OF March until 29th of March 2018

Location: Kenaboi, Jelebu, Malaysia

Instructors: Wan Muhammad Ridhwan , Ben Cains

International Fee: RM 4700 (Aprox. AUD 1500)

 Fee for Malaysian Citizens: RM 3200 (Aprox. AUD 1000)

murujan permaculture register

The Permaculture Design Course is a comprehensive and in-depth training experience that equips Permaculture Designers with the foundation necessary to design systems and sites using the unique Permaculture methodology and to begin implementing Permaculture Design at any scale.

DATES: 18th UNTIL 29TH OF MARCH   2018

Classes will begin each day at 9:00 am and end at 5:30 pm with appropriate breaks for Prayer,  lunch and refreshments.


The site is a classic example of a tropical farm and forest. Blessed with almost 12 hours of daylight and 2000mm of annual rainfall, you will be experiencing how Permaculture practices interacts with the potential growth of nature.

The local population is made up of aboriginal tribes and local mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian villagers. The project site is a privately owned property intended for homesteading. It is currently still in the early stage of development and upon completion it will demonstrate energy-efficient appropriate housing with natural cooling systems, solar electricity, biological waste water treatment, dry compost toilets, rain water harvesting and diverse interactive plant, animal and tree systems for local food production and processing. The demonstration house will function as a classroom and administration office for the project. Once established, the project will serve as a model that can be replicated within the village, throughout Malaysia and other countries in the region.

About the TEACHERS:

This  course will be facilitated by Wan Muhammad Ridhwan bin Wan Muhammad Hanizan a former intern in Zaytuna Farm working directly with Geoff and Nadia Lawton. He graduated as Chemical Engineer and spent 10 years in Oil and Gas production and operations with experiences in offshore engineering projects, financial budgeting, joint venture and people management before jumping full on into Permaculture in 2014 after a PDC with PRI Co-Director, Rhamis Kent.

While at Zaytuna Farm, he acquired understanding in cattle, poultry, nursery, cropping and food forest setup, operations and maintenance. Add to that, irrigation, farm piping network, necessary mechanical works, earthworking and PDC co-teaching. There he gained his International Project Management Certificate and gained valuable experience managing a place like Zaytuna farm and working together with Geoff Lawton on Consultancies, Designs and Implementation. He had the honour of learning from many others who are leading the way in their field, like Paul Taylor, Graham Bell and David Spicer.

murujan permaculture design certificate course malaysia 2018

This  course will also be facilitated by Ben Cains a direct student of Geoff and Nadia Lawton, Elaine Ingham, Tom Kendall, Paul Taylor, Graham Bell and David Spicer. In 2012 he took his PDC with Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna Farm and has never lost sight of his dream to do great things with the movement. Soil biology is a passion of his, enjoying the universe of organisms under a microscope. With a passion for helping people become resilient, responsible for themselves and the environment, Permaculture was the perfect match. He joined the apprenticeship in July 2017 within 8 months of arriving had become the Zaytuna Farm apprentice manager, PSC consultancy manager and Geoff Lawton’s P.A. Ben now lives on site at Zaytuna Farm.

murujan permaculture register 


Your fees include camping accommodation space (in self-provided tents). Limited camping shelters (4 x 2.5m) are available but there is plenty of space for camping outside of these shelters. Full catering with three meals per day plus morning and afternoon tea, and an abundance of Permaculture examples throughout the permaculture demonstration farm.


Food and refreshments are provided for all students and is included in the course fee. The hosts serve halal food. Full catering with three meals per day plus morning and afternoon tea. The hosts are not able to cater to special dietary requirements such as veganism.


This course starts on Sunday the 18th of March 2018 and runs for 10 days.
Day 1: Introduction & Concepts and Themes in Design.
Day 2: Methods of design & Pattern Understanding.
Day 3: Climatic Factors & Trees and their Energy Transactions.
Day 4: Water Design.
Day 5: Soils.
Friday & Saturday off.
Day 6: Earthworks and Earth resources & Design Exercise Practical introduction.
Day 7: Global Climate Design Comparisons & Tropics Masterclass
Day 8: Tropics Masterclass, Aquaculture & Design Exercise Practical.
Day 9: Design Exercise Practical.
Day 10: The Strategies for an Alternative Nation & Design Exercise Presentation, Certification, Course Participation Party.
This course finishes on Wednesday the 29th of Mar 2018.


Our goal at Murujan Permaculture Design is to create a safe learning space for all that takes into consideration the cultural sensitivities of Muslims. The course is hosted at a venue nearby local communities, many of whom have traditional Muslim values and the hosts therefore provide excellent hospitality but also deserve a respect of their values by guests. The courses is open to anyone and everyone regardless of religion, race or gender, etc., and all are encouraged to join. The atmosphere will be conducive to conservative and traditional Muslim values and etiquette.

The course is therefore especially suited for those who would like to work in areas around the world that are inhabited by Muslims where many new and exciting Permaculture projects are springing up.



– Open and receptive attitude toward cross cultural communication
– Willingness to ask questions whenever necessary
– Conservative attire is recommended
– Respecting cultural gender relations
– Sobriety at all times during the PDC course
– Respect for elders, religious traditions and practice, and community leaders
-No musical instruments or music played out loud
-No Alcohol is permitted on premises
-No illicit drugs are permitted on premises

For men this would include:

– Wearing long shorts at least to the knee
– Wearing shirts at all times
– Not touching or shaking hands of Muslim women
– Not displaying overly intimate affection in public with wife or partner

For ladies this would include:

– Not touching or shaking hands of Muslim men
– Long skirts or pants
– Not displaying overly intimate affection in public with husband or partner



Who is this course for?

The Permaculture Design Certificate Course is a comprehensive educational experience that teaches how a superior design methodology applicable to all human systems.

Therefore this course is useful for anyone who cares about the quality of the food they eat, the air they breathe and the water they drink.

Some examples of those who will find the course useful:

Architects who want to learn how to design buildings that are helpful to humanity.
Engineers who want to design technology that causes more good than harm.
City Planners who want to design and re-engineer cities to be more sustainable and healthy environments for people.
Business Owners who want to run their business in a more sustainable, ethical and profitable way.
Students who still don’t know what they want to do in life.
Fathers and Mothers who want to establish a secure and productive home life for their family and want to learn better ways to raise their children in a more healthy and wholesome way.
Activists and Aid workers who want to make a real and lasting difference.
People in the financial industry who want to enable truly free exchange and real productivity through design of systems that eschew fractional reserve, representative money and legalized interest.


The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course is an internationally-recognized, 72-hour course resulting in a Permaculture Design Certificate. It provides an introduction to Permaculture design as set forth by movement founder Bill Mollison.
To date, thousands of Permaculture designers worldwide have been certified through this course, and now comprise a global network of educators, ecological activists who influence major corporations, individuals creating new business alternatives and groups of committed people working together to change the way we view and design into our landscapes.
The course covers sustainable living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates. It includes the application of Permaculture principles to food production, home design, construction, energy conservation and generation, and explores alternative economic structures and legal strategies supporting Permaculture solutions.

The Curriculum is Based on all Subjects in: PERMACULTURE: A Designers’’ Manual by Bill Mollison. Students are invited to bring details of their own sites or potential sites to consider during the course.


Topics covered include:

• Theory and principles of Permaculture
• Methods of design
• Understanding patterns in nature
• Water harvesting and management
• Drought-proofing
• Trees & their energy transactions
• Eco-friendly house placement and design
• Energy efficient architecture
• Energy conservation techniques for cold climates
• Earthworks & their use in earth repair
• Soils
• Soil rehabilitation and erosion control
• Organic food production
• Livestock
• Aquaculture
• Ecological pest control
• Humid tropics
• The temperate climates
• Humid cool climates
• Dry lands
• Strategies for urban and rural settings
• Recycling and waste management
• Right livelihood
• Catastrophe preparedness and prevention
• Money and finance
• Ethical investment
• Bio-regional organization
• Legal strategies and trusts
• Effective working groups
• Effective aid

murujan permaculture students

The course will be conducted in the internationally accepted manner. The 72 hours of course work required to receive a Permaculture Design Certificate will be covered over a 10-day period. All students are required to be present for the full course if they wish to receive the certificate.

Permaculture Design Certificate Course Malaysia March 2018

Dates: 18th OF March until 29th of March 2018

Location: Kenaboi, Jelebu, Malaysia

Instructors: Wan Muhammad Ridhwan , Ben Cains

International Fee: RM 4700 (Aprox. AUD 1500)

 Fee for Malaysian Citizens: RM 3200 (Aprox. AUD 1000)

murujan permaculture register

For more information: Contact us via email:

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